Introducing #MoodleWorldCup 2018: Play To Choose The World’s Best Moodle Plugin On The Surface Of The Surface Of Earth!

Introducing MoodleWorldCup 2018 Play To Choose The World’s Best Moodle Plugin On The Surface Of Earth!

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Are we the only ones with a mild world cup fever? I didn’t think so! Why not putting it to good use? Between now and Friday, July 13, you will help us choose the MoodleWorld’s favorite plugins. Who deserves to be immortalized in the history books?

How to play

Starting now, you will be able to pledge support for your favorite plugins in our site and our social media channels. You can “score a goal” for your plugins in our comments section, our Twitter @MoodleNews, and on Facebook at (Only public replies, comments and mentions count.)

  1. You can support as many plugins as you want by mentioning the Plugin exact name or URL handle, once per comment.
  2. You can support a plugin once per channel and match. That is, up to three times per plugin per match.
  3. If you are a member of the Moodle Users Association, your support on the comments section of pages counts double. (Just mention that you are in the comments.)
  4. In case of ties, the number of hearts “favorites” on the official Moodle Plugin Directory will determine the winner.
  5. All plugins of all types can play, as long as they have their own Moodle Plugin Directory page. Themes and Moodle HQ plugins count too.
  6. Feel free to promote your favorites. We will use any original plugin icon artwork submitted by developers!

Nomination Stage

Between now and next Friday, players can “score” on behalf of their plugins. The 16 plugins with the most goals will classify for the Final Round.
Score for your plugin before Friday, June 22, 5pm/17:00 GMT | 1pm/13:00 ET.

Final Stage: 1-to-1 standoffs

The 16 plugins with the most goals will be paired at random for a one-to-one match, where the loser gets eliminated and the winner moves to the next round. There will be one match per day between June 26 and July 13, Monday to Friday. Every match will last 24 hours. Rounds will run consecutively.

Start now! “Score” for you plugin in the comments below:

Be the first to score on social media by enabling notifications:

  • Visit us at com/moodlenews, click on “Follow” and then on the little notifications bells.
  • On Facebook, go to com/moodlenews, click “Follow,” then “Edit” (the pencil next to “Notifications”) and select “Standard,” then “Done.”

Let the best of us bask in glory! ■

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