Lingel Learning Becomes Third Moodle Partner In Canada

Lingel Learning Becomes Third Moodle Partner In Canada

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On October 30th, Australian company Lingel Learning became the third Canadian Moodle Partner, consolidating a track of growth encompassing growing number of clients, technological solutions and international markets.

“We are passionate about Moodle,” Lingel Learning’s Chief Learning Architect Gavin Lindeman told MoodleNews. “We look forward to bringing the additional resources, knowledge and expertise that being a Moodle Partner will offer our current and future clients.”

By becoming a Certified Services Provider, Lingel Learning will continue to improve and create innovative solutions that help their clients get the most out of Moodle’s learning platform. “We are excited to be working closely with Moodle HQ and be at the forefront of Moodle development. We will relish the opportunity to work closely with Moodle HQ, putting forward ideas and helping contribute to Moodle core.”

Lingel Learning offers offers a full suite of Moodle services to corporations, governments and non-profits. One of its key value differentiators are their customizations over Moodle, which include

  • Virtual Slate, an extension of Moodle that comes with an intuitive user interface, customisable branding, a powerful reporting dashboard and is bundled with advanced plugins and integrations, and it offers multi-tenancy
  • Enrolmart, a “standalone e-commerce shopping cart for Moodle.” It takes care of the promotion, payment, sign-up and enrollment of users into courses.

Coming up, Virtual Slate is scheduled for an upgrade that will “comes bundled with advanced plugins, integrations, user-friendly dashboards and multi-tenancy.”

With the announcement, Lingel Learning becomes the 81st partner in the tally, or 64 avoiding double-counting of Partners who are present in more than one country.

Read the press release, “Moodle partners with Lingel Learning to deliver edtech solutions in Canada” at

“It’s official, we are now a Certified Moodle partner!” at

Lingel Learning is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

Lingel Learning

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