LMS data Updates – Fall 2016: Moodle share continues to shrink #Moodle

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EduTechnica team have released the LMS data updates for Fall 2016 and our adored open source LMS – Moodle has been the second most popular LMS by number of institutions and stays a popular choice for smaller colleges.
As compared to the Spring 2016 LMS data updates, Moodle share has slightly increase from 19.1% to 19.4%  based on the number of institutions. Over 1/3 of Moodle institutions have already started using the latest Moodle versions i.e. Moodle 3.0 or Moodle 3.1 but on the other hand Moodle is on the top of the list of institutions who are using unsupported and older LMS versions with 13% running version 2.6 or older.
LMS data Updates - Fall 2016: Moodle share continues to shrink #Moodle
Blackboard Learn has outshines other competitors with more than 33.5% market share increased from the earlier 31.4% in Spring 2016. Whereas Canvas by Instructure has gained  by another 1.8 % and now have a market share of 17.1% institutions.
The good news however for Moodle is that it still remains the most popular LMS in Canada and UK but not in Australia where it was invented. Blackboard has the been the top choice for Australian Universities.
You can check out the complete report here and even buy the complete dataset for a fee through this link.
What’s your view about the dipping market share of Moodle and Blackboard? What can be done in order to improve the market share? Do share your ideas in the comments below.

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