Moodle 2.9 new features

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Moodle 2.9 the upcoming version of the most popular open source LMS which is in the code freeze state now and waiting for the QA tsting to commence from 13 April onwards, contains a lots of new features, fixed bugs and improvements in the existing functionality.
The full list of the fixed issues in Moodle 2.9 version contains a massive 292 issues including the improvements in the quiz, security and usability. The full list of the changes and updates can be accessed through this tracker link.
At a quick glance, the changes include:

  • 50 fixed bugs,
  • 161 Improvements,
  • 18 new features,
  • & 63 tasks and sub-tasks

The major changes are as follows:
MDL – 40990: Teachers can require students to complete Question 1 before they can see Question 2
MDL-348: printer friendly layout for quiz
MDL-40992:  Option for teachers to allow students to redo a finished question within a quiz attempt
MDL-40988: Add section headings to quiz
MDL-47800: logs user out at password change
MDL-47829: limit concurrent sessions for users
MDL-47830: limit password rotation/reuse
MDL-10405: ability to delete (not just orphan) topic sections
MDL-46755: allows teachers to set the number of discussions set in a social format course
MDL-47501: show if a grade has been overridden (without having to edit it)
MDL-43387: provides an html editor to editing essays in a lesson
MDL-43996: add image drag and drop capability to the editing window
MDL-48715: add “time spent” as a custom completion rule for Lesson module
If you know another feature or an important improvement which I haven’t covered then you can post it in comments.

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