Moodle added Ubion as a New Certified Moodle Partner in South Korea, taking the Partner count to 69.

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In a recent news Moodle HQ has extended the Moodle partners network to South Korea by adding the Ubion as the Certified Moodle partner.
Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle states “I am so happy to announce this partnership which we’re formalising today after talking together about it for quite a long time! We’re very much looking forward to working more closely with Ubion in South Korea and learning more from them about how we can help Moodle users there with local educational needs.”
On joining the Moodle Partner network, J.H. Lim, CEO at Ubion remarked “It is a great honor and pleasure to be the first certified Moodle Partner in Korea. I am glad and inspired to have the opportunity to collaborate globally with partners who share the same educational philosophy and vision. Our intention is to contribute greatly to Moodle initiatives, and our mission is to be at the forefront of e-learning, as we have been in Korea for past 16 years.”
Using its site as the primary gateway to its services, Ubion helps universities, schools and workplaces create highly effective learning environments in Korea, and participates in global educational ICT projects with the South Korean government. As a Moodle Partner, the organisation will use the Moodle trademark and provide certified Moodle services to its customers, while helping to financially support core Moodle development and services such as MoodleCloud.
With the inclusion of Ubion, the total number of Moodle partners has now reached to 69.
Read the complete news here.

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