Moodle announces GSoC participants #GSoC #Summerofcode #Moodle

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Moodle HQ has announced the students who will be participating under Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016 and working on Moodle projects this summer. Google has allotted 4 slots of projects to Moodle which were filled after reviewing and evaluating the students proposals to select the best applications.
The 4 students who are selected to participate in GSoC 2016 with Moodle are as follows:

  • Alexandru Elisei – tool_pluginkenobi: guide to plugin creation – The project’s aim is to make developing plugins a much easier task. Based on coding techniques used by existing code generators for Moodle, on the guides and specifications found in the Moodle documentation, as well as on the user’s input like plugin type and name, features and details about the interface, the tool will generate skeleton code that the developer can build on.
  • Devang Gaur – Adding search to more Moodle components – The project aims to extend the scope of global search to more moodle components. The plugin would help increase security and reduce the login time and effort, thus, enhancing accessibility for moodle users. The global search feature enables the user to search faster and better with the help of an external dedicated search server, here, Apache Solr.
  • Joey Andres – Atto image resize/crop/rotate – The following is my proposal to the “Ability to crop/resize/rotate an image in atto” project for GSOC. This proposal comes with an already highly tested code for the atto image resize, in my github repo. Although it is built on top of an already existing atto-image plugin, this can be changed in the future, if desired. I’ll begin my proposal with what I know works for sure, image resizing.
  • Supun Wanniarachchi – Add support to end-to-end testing in the Mobile app – The main objective of this particular GSoC project is add more tests to the app( MOBILE-1179) and document the set-up process in the Moodle developers wiki. The basements for this project are done and have to complete only the remaining part.

Moodle announces GSoC student participants #GSoC #Summerofcode #Moodle
Moodle announces GSoC student participants #GSoC #Moodle

The selected students will be working on their Moodle projects with the help of their mentors for next 3-4 months.
The mentors for the students are as follows:

We wish good luck to all four students with their projects and hope that they will complete their successfully and help in improving Moodle.

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