Moodle expands its reach in Asia with a new Moodle Partner – PosBoss in Taiwan

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Moodle continues to expand its global outreach with a new partnership with PosBoss – a leading technology corporation and e-learning solutions provider in Taiwan. PosBoss can now offer cost-effective and flexible Moodle solutions to its clients as a certified Moodle Partner.
PosBoss Information Technology Corporation was founded in 2010 and is recognized for its elearning services including elearning content creation, authoring tools reselling and Moodle services. PosBoss clientele includes big companies like TSMC, ASE and FPC and many small businesses of Taiwan.
On the occasion of becoming a certified Moodle Partner, Dr Alex Chiou, CEO of PosBoss commented:

PosBoss aims to become one of the most cost-effective, innovative and successful e-learning services provider after now being a Certified Moodle Services Provider in Taiwan. Using the most modern instructional technology and integrating all e-learning resources in Moodle services are the two key success factors for improving training efficiency and effectiveness for our customers.
We look forward to working more closely with Moodle HQ to further our involvement in the open source project while expanding our technology in Taiwan and globally.

Gavin Henrick, Head of Partners team and Business Development Manager at Moodle HQ said:

Welcome Alex and his dedicated team as our new Certified Moodle Partner in Taiwan. We are pleased to have PosBoss join us in expanding our open source project in the region and join us in our commitment to empowering educators to improve our world by facilitating the delivery of accessible and quality education.

With the inclusion of PosBoss to the Certified Moodle Partners network, the Global Moodle partners count reached to 95 in total.
For more details about the services offered by PosBoss, check out their website here –

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