Moodle grows its certified Moodle Partners network by adding Spanish e-learning startup – Inserver E-Learning Factory #Moodle

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Moodle HQ has expanded its umbrella of certified Moodle partners companies around the globe by adding Inserver E-Learning Factory to the Moodle partners network in Spain. Inserver – the Madrid based company in Spain – country with second maximum registered Moodle sites, provides a myriad of services to their clients including course design, integration, training and a full range of customisations such as plugins and visual themes..
Moodle grows its Partners network umbrella by adding Spanish e-learning startup - Inserver E-Learning Factory #Moodle
Inserver became the fourth Moodle partner in Spain after CV&A Consulting, Insynergy Consulting and Moodlerooms. Inserver is a Spanish startup company founded in 2013 and worked with Moodle’s open source technologies since then.
Now, together both Moodle HQ & Inserver will continue to deliver online learning solutions to Spanish government, corporates and not-for-profit sectors. One of the prominent projects by Inserver involves working with the Spanish Ministry of Industry to create a custom Moodle training site for global travel agents to promote Spain’s tourism industry
Felipe Casajús, CEO of Inserver – commented on his team’s enthusiasm of being a Moodle Partner as:

“Inserver has worked exclusively with Moodle’s open source technologies since 2013. To us, being a Moodle Partner certifies the quality of our projects. It also means reward and recognition for Inserver’s hard work and efforts on each and every e-learning project, proving that being a startup is never a barrier to creating and working on big projects.”

Dr Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, also commented on the importance of this new partnership.

“It’s terrific to welcome Inserver as a new Moodle Partner Certified Services Provider. As an organisation, we are especially glad to have a new Moodle Partner in Spain, a country with so many Moodle users and which is so important to our open source project.

Inserver’s enthusiasm and achievements in delivering major e-learning projects with Moodle is inspirational. I look forward to strengthening the partnership between Moodle and Inserver and continuing to deliver quality learning experiences for educators and learners in Spain.”

Inserver was also awarded as the “Best E-Learning startup, 2015” from Spanish E-learning Providers Association. For more information, visit the Inserver Official website here –

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