Moodle HQ Openings, Other Full-Time Moodle Jobs, And Tech Skills Update

Moodle HQ Openings, Other Full-Time Moodle Jobs, And Tech Skills Update

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Before getting into the openings for this month, let’s check how the technologies requested in them have changed versus last month: (Technologies mentioned in ads with multiple openings counted only once.)

Spot Technology DMs ????
1 JavaScript 4 1
PHP 4 1
3 SQL 3 1
4 HTML5 2 -1
Ubuntu, Linux 2 1
7 MySQL 1 -3
CSS3 1 -2
AJAX 1 =
Windows 1 =
WordPress 1 =
Apache 1 New!
Drupal 1 New!
H5P 1 New!
Articulate 1 New!
Storyline 1 New!


JavaScript and PHP tied on the top spot, dethroning MySQL which was explicitly requested only once. GitHub, JQuery, and Microsoft SQL were not requested this month, a sign of impending decay? Five new technologies showed up, three of them open source. Will we witness the inevitable rise to the top for interactive standard H5P? Stay tuned!

Lead Learning Management System Administrator/Developer University of Pittsburgh’s Department of National Network of Libraries of Medicine Web Services Office in Pittsburgh, PA (But outside contract a possibility)

The main part of the job conceives the development of “a plugin for an open access learning objects repository or file repository” and enhancing an LMS for the National Institute of Science along with a new Assistant LMS Admin/Dev (see below). Compliance and security standards are critical. 5-6 years minimum experience. Salary Range: $35,100 – $56,784 USD.

eLearning and Moodle Developer at Improve International in Sheffield, Swindon or Bristol, UK; or Porto, Portugal

An administrator or content designer is invited to apply for a project involving 5m Publishing and Benchmark Holdings to support several tasks within Moodle, from content to third-party integration-related (H5P preferred!). Theme and SCORM package development experience highly desirable.

Moodle Support Specialist at Lingel Learning in Melbourne, Australia

An experienced Specialist is wanted to “move” Lingel “to the next level” in their “Course Development, Training and Managed Hosting.” They will work to ensure meeting “Service Level Agreements,” provide “Level 2” support to customers or escalate to “Level 3” according to procedure.

Disclaimer: Lingel Learning is a sponsor of MoodleNews.


Assistant Learning Management System Administrator/Developer at University of Pittsburgh’s Department of National Network of Libraries of Medicine Web Services Office in Pittsburgh, PA

NNLM’s NWSO Lead LMS Developer will take the candidate under their wing while also demanding independence and self-motivation throughout the development of a Moodle LMS for the “NIH All of Us initiative,” including the development of a Learning Objects Repository. It may involve interaction with the NIH’s “broad target population” and responding to “508 compliance” requests.

Open Source Moodle Developer (Multiple roles) at Moodle Australia, Perth; Barcelona, Spain; or telecommute

“Have you heard of or know of Moodle?”

Moodle Pty Ltd is looking for jacks of all trades, covering the basics (SQL, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax) and having some inclination towards the revolutionary might of the Open Source.

Interactive HTML5 Developer at nThrive US in Plano, TX; Alpharetta, GA; or in-country telecommute

Health-care focused nThrive services 17 award winning hospitals, taking care of growing “Patient-to-Payment offerings” as the industry moves towards more “complex, value-based payment models.” The aspiring team member will develop interfaces for “games, simulations and mobile platforms,” as well as or within “10 to 12 online courses, assessments, simulators, and games per week.”

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