#Moodle opted for Chart.js as its next generation charts / graph API backend

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Moodle has chosen Chart.js as its next generation Charts/Graph API backend. Moodle needs a new graph library to create advanced graphs with interactivity. Moodle 3.2 the upcoming stable release of Moodle will have the new Chart.js API and all existing core graphs will be converted to the new API.#Moodle opted for Chart.js as its next generation charts / graph API backend
The requirements for the new Graph API were:

  • Printable graphs
  • Translatable (RTL)
  • License compatible
  • Accessible (e.g. provide table of data for every graph)
  • Able to handle very large datasets
  • Visually pleasing
  • Replace existing charts (unless the existing ones are too specific)
  • Render client side
  • Support dynamic data changes
  • Support most commonly used graphs
  • Support i18n
  • Support printing
  • Be proven to have a bright future (active community, stable, well maintained, …)
  • Be abstracted enough to support another library should we need to change
  • Be made easy to use by our developers (simple API, supports PHP and JS, …)

The Moodle tracker issue for the new project is MDL-54987.

About Chart.js:

Chart.js is Simple, clean and engaging HTML5 based JavaScript charts.The project is also Open Source like Moodle and is backed by a community, it also provides responsive charts and great rendering performance across all modern browsers.


  2. MDL-54987

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