Moodle Plugins database now contains 1100 plugins!!!

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After the last week addition of the plugins in the Moodle plugins database, now the Moodle plugins database contains 100 plugins contributed by variety of Moodle developers including individuals, organizations, partners etc.
The 1100 plugins are distributed among all sorts of categories including Themes, Activities, Blocks, Course Formats, Filters, Gradebook, Editors, Repositories, Reports etc.
plugin-statsMost downloaded plugins in the last one year are as follows:

  1. Essential
  2. Hotpot
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Certificate
  5. Configurable Reports
  6. Progress Bar
  7. Grid Format
  8. Collapsed Topics
  9. Bootstrap
  10. Select missing words
  11. BigBlueButtonBBN
  12. BCU
  13. Drag and drop onto image
  14. Journal
  15. PoodLL Filter
  16. Aardvark
  17. Checklist
  18. Evolve-D
  19. Quickmail
  20. Drag & Drop Markers

For more details stats about Moodle plugins, please check out the official stats here. Congrats to all the Moodle community members for achieving this splendid achievement.

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