Next Moodle Developer Meeting on 21 October 07:00 UTC #moodledev

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Next General Moodle developer meeting is scheduled on 21st October 2015 07:00 UTC. A Developer Meeting is an open forum for all people around the world who are interested in Moodle development.
The agenda for the next developer meeting is as follows:

  • Upcoming changes in Moodle 3.0 from Moodle contributor’s perspective (both core and plugins development) – Damyon / Marina / David Mudrak
  • MDL-50565, MDL-51011, MDL-51155 Moving towards PHP7 – to be confirmed.
  • MDL-50645 Caching the list of callbacks and ability to use them much more often without worrying about performance – David Mudrak, to be confirmed.
  • MDL-51213 Safely callable external_format_text() – Damyon, to be confirmed.
  • MDL-51107 Ability to inject nodes in the category settings navigation – Fred
  • Plugins versioning schemes – David Mudrak, to be confirmed.

You can also raise topics if they are not covered in the agenda which you would like to discuss during this meeting or else contact David Mudrák. You cal also follow the developer meeting proceedings by following the hashtag #moodledev on twitter.
For more details about the upcoming developer meeting, please check out the official documentation link here –

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