Pearson To Withdraw From LMS By 2018 To Focus On Courseware, Content

Pearson To Withdraw From LMS By 2018 To Focus On Courseware, Content

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Pearson recently announced it will stop servicing its OpenClass and LearningStudio LMS (Learning Management Systems), with support ending January 2018. Pearson’s LMS was struggling to increase its online and hybrid corporate training foothold, following the acquisitions of online campus startup eCollege in 2007, and learning and collaboration platform FRONTER thereafter.

An official statement by Pearson suggests that “true learning” takes places within their “applications and services”, not on LMS platforms, and invites users to try their MyLab and REVEL products. MyLab is an umbrella of dozens of domain-specific learning activities. REVEL is an “interactive learning environment” that offers integration with the Blackboard Learn LMS.

While few find this news as a blow to Pearson standing on the marketplace, it was not a complete shock for some, as it could even be framed as a stage of sharpening for the courseware company. In particular, those following Blackboard’s path for the past 5 years can attest to the giant spree of acquisitions and partnerships ―including a content agreement with Pearson itself― suggesting we seem to be living in an age of global consolidation in the LMS market. Even though Moodle still boasts healthy adoption, strategic alliances will impact future survival.

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