Presentation – Comparing Learning Management systems: Google Classroom vs Moodle

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David Brooks, Associate Professor at Kitasato University, Sagamihara, Japan delivered his presentation over the comparison between the two major Learning Management systems – Google Classroom and Moodle LMS during the Global Learn 2016 Conference in Limerick, Ireland.
David shared his views about the two major LMS available in the market today from the instructional tools point. First he described about the basics of Learning Management System and then proceeds for features and advantages of using LMS systems for teaching.
Next comes the Advantages Of Moodle As A Comprehensive Assessment Tool followed by advantages of Google classroom. You can check out the presentation below:

What are the other advantages and disadvantages of Google Classroom and Moodle? Please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. I am also looking for a good comparison. So far, I only saw some very very partial unprofessional (no comparison matrix, just a few her and there bits of features) comparison. Here are some:

  2. Thanks Nadav. Ya, I also noticed that but still it has some valuable things to note like Instructional Tool, Comprehensive assessment tool etc. Hope we will get some comparison on the latest versions soon.

  3. Many thanks Nadav for sharing those links. I will try to compare the two platforms in upcoming weeks.

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