Quote – “Moodle now dominates the sector just as #Google dominates the search engine market.”

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The quote is from the Wales Online ( in a longer editorial by Dr. Geoff Elliott of Pembrokeshire College.  The article covers briefly the history of Moodle and it’s adoption world wide (and specifically in the UK).

Dr. Elliott illustrates why Moodle has met success and how it will continue to be embraced by the educational community world wide.  It’s a must read for anyone just setting out to learn why Moodle might be adopted locally.

From the article,

Among many other things, Moodle enables teachers to upload learning resources such as PowerPoint presentations, links to websites, class notes, or message their students, and keep a display of important information such as hand-in dates for homework and reply to any pupil or student questions they might post.

Moodle enables students and pupils to continue with work started in the classroom and access their homework online at a time that suits them.

It is one of many Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are being used in schools, colleges and universities. Moodle now dominates the sector just as Google dominates the search engine market. [emphasis added]

Do you agree?  There are quite a few other players in the educational technology and learning management market, does Moodle really dominate the sector like Google the search engine market?


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