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We’re a little (but growing) news source for the Moodle community and in the past week we’ve made a few changes and cleaned up the site a little bit to better reflect our goals moving forward.  (Note that our feed recently changed to

Here’s a recap of changes,


The site is now located at  Things weren’t exactly monthly around here…

Authors Page

We’re on the hunt for Moodle writers.  If you’re interested in the LMS, use it at your school or develop awesome little extensions you might consider putting those into post form and publishing them here.  Moodle News is a community resource.  Our audience (which is growing) is part and parcel the Moodle community.  If you’re interested, we’ll set you up with an account and show you the ropes of WordPress so you can start sharing cool Moodle info today.  More details are located at

Terms of Use

We take writing seriously (except maybe for grammar when we’re in a real hurry, jk, but seriously).  So we drafted some terms of use that the current published users have agreed to.  Basically it the Terms of Use set the stage for accountability in our published articles and ask you not to fully reproduce our content (paraphrasing, linking to or quoting is ok) on another site without written or verbal permission.  More details at


We used to string together Mel Benson’s (@moodlerific) quality account of the Moodle integration process at her district in Minnesota.  We hope to publish more Moodle guides and books in the future, so if you’re interested let us know.  More details:

2 Responses

  1. IMHO Moodle News has quickly emerged as the premier source of great Moodle info and insights. Thanks for your work!

    Now we just need forums to allow subscriptions to threads and I will be able to stay on top of everything Moodle that matters!

  2. Colin, thanks for the the feedback. I subscribe to the email notifications at and have found that they are a great, passive way to learn about Moodle modules, developments and other stuff that’s happening. Sometimes it’s a lot of emails, but that’s how I learned about cool stuff like Carlos Kiyan’s original Moodle4iPhone post and the mPage free web/native app for iPhone (not to mention a bunch of awesome themes, development meetings and other topics. still has the broadest collection of Moodle info…it’s just harder to sort through sometimes.

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