Snow-days mean Moodle-days for students in this Georgia School

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As of one forecast last week it was reported that 49 of 50 states in the US were accumulating snow.  And for states where frozen flakes of water is not the norm, snow-days and school closings become a disruptive classroom force.  There’s a great article from recently which highlights Lakeview Academy’s efforts to make the most out of  the weather.  From the article [link]:

For the very first time, Lakeview is implementing its “Remote School”.

Originally designed in case the school closed due to an influenza outbreak, Lakeview is one of the few schools in the country to have a Remote School plan.

The plan allows teachers to continue instruction electronically.

While the plan has never been utilized, with the current situation of no school for a third day due to snow and ice, Dr. John Kennedy, Lakeview’s Head of School, felt the timing was perfect to implement the plan.

“Since we are unable to meet face-to-face with Lakeview’s diverse geographic population,” Dr. Kennedy explains, “we have a plan for blended learning – classroom instruction complemented by online lessons and resources. One of the strengths of Lakeview Academy is using technology to augment the outstanding classroom teaching already in place.”

Lakeview teachers and administrators had already developed wiki pages and other online access tools for their students to use in case school needed to be closed, tools that are accessible from the school’s website.

Middle School and Upper School teachers will use email, wikis, blogs, [or] Moodle …to communicate with students.

Does your district have a snow/weather/school closure contingency which includes the use of Moodle?

Lakeview Academy: | Lakeview Academy Moodle:

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