Top APAC Moodle Partner eCreators Propels Compliance & Professional Development Content In The Open Source LMS With GO1 Partnership

Top APAC Moodle Partner eCreators Propels Compliance & Professional Development Content In The Open Source LMS With GO1 Partnership

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Based out of suburban Brisbane, Australia, GO1, now touted as “the world’s largest compliance, professional development and general training platform,” has sealed an alliance with Moodle powerhouse eCreators, to thrust their shared paths of expansion in the corporate learning space.

With passion and expertise on all things cloud and open source technologies, eCreators is taking its brand, also of Australian origin, into the mainstream. It has become the largest certified Moodle Partner in the Asia Pacific region, boasting some of the largest Moodle sites around. Its Learnbook customization is possibly the best expression of Moodle in terms of performance and integrations.

An ongoing stream of high-level partnerships lets eCreators customers enjoy cutting-edge, yet thoroughly vetted technology right from their LMS, cementing the promise of a “One Stop Shop.” The latest deal adds a layer of content build for high-quality educational experiences, laser-focused on the needs of the modern global workplace, and consolidated their unique learning offering.

In less than 3 years, GO1 went from a promising project in Silicon Valley’s prestigious Y-Combinator incubator, to a world-class offering in the Compliance Training and Professional Development segments, with offices in the U.S., UK, South Africa, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The announcement is proof once again that, despite the increasing competition from big tech, the corporate learning world is still green pasture, and for many their next billion dollar business.

The first main visible outcome of the eCreators—GO1 partnership is the availability of a GO1 plugin for Moodle. As we can come to expect, it will deliver eCreators customers the GO1 content library right at their fingertips.

Many traits of GO1 appealed to eCreators CEO and Founder, Dean Saunders, who is currently leading a series of initiatives to position the Moodle Partner in the international arena, among other things by spearheading the application of next-gen technologies across classrooms worldwide. Namely, Augmented and Virtual Reality, using open web protocols such as HTML5. They are the learning partner of category leaders such as Electronic Arts and Northrop Grumman.

“We see GO1 at the forefront of commercialisation when it comes to content libraries.

Their collection of online content on a broad and diverse range of topics, subjects and courses are unique to any other offering currently available to our diverse range of customers across the world.

It meets the current and future needs of our customer base by providing them with a curated library of content to empower any workforce.

GO1’s commitment to ensuring customer success is one of the main reasons we were drawn to their offering.”

— Dean Saunders, eCreators CEO

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