Moodle™ 2032
Moodle in 2032: The Past, Present and Future of the world's most popular LMS

As Moodle celebrates its 15th birthday, I’m thrilled to see the community which I originally found to be so inviting, vibrant, and exciting to be a part of, has only continued to grow and evolve into one of the largest education focused communities in the world.

Over the last decade, I’ve witnessed a lot of change in Moodle and its community. Aside from massive growth worldwide, Moodle is a first mover in the mobile space (especially its innovative approach to offline access), it has made major headway for accessibility (an important and oft overlooked feature of learning tools worldwide), it has benefitted from 3rd party developers creating and maintaining a vast, extensible toolset through its plugins database, and it has adopted innovative approaches to funding itself with an eye to long term sustainability through its partner program, users association, and now, institutional investment.

I have my own ideas about how Moodle will continue to evolve. But I thought it would be very interesting to learn how other Moodle experts see the world’s most popular LMS change and grow.

So, I reached out to:

And I asked them about their history with Moodle over the past 15 years:

And, then I asked them what they think the next 15 years holds:

I’ve complied all of their answers in an easy-to-read PDF. If you’d like to know how the experts believe Moodle will evolve over the next 15 years, follow the link below!

Thank you!

– Joe Thibault, founder of MoodleNews

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