100+ Moodle feeds: The Ultimate Moodle News RSS Feed Bundle

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I have been collecting Moodle related RSS feeds via Google Reader since 2007. There are some that I’ve followed since my first login (like Around the Corner–who you might say was my inspiration for getting into blogging in the first place), other gems have come and gone, and still Google Alerts suggest new blogs and posts on a daily basis.  The bundle you see embedded below is one of the sources I read daily to get my Moodle related news and notes; some go onto be inspiration for posts here on the site.

Check out any and all of the great blogs for keen insight to the world of Moodle and great applications of it in real-world settings.  And if you’re a Moodler writing about your experiences on a blog or website, by all means share it in the comments!

Click here to check them all out as a preview.

9 Responses

  1. All this time I thought I WAS subscribed to you, Sukhwant…but it was just your buzz feed. Of course I’ve been catching your posts via other outlets (and always enjoy them). Cheers!

  2. Now included in the bundle (I haven’t missed a post though as they’re all caught through Google Alerts)


  3. Joe,
    Many thanks for adding us to your list, it’s a thrill to be included. I hope I’ll be able to continue the quality and knowledge as time goes on. We’re continually growing blended learning across the Institute and I’m hoping to include more posts by our teachers this year. Moodle 2 is also on our agenda so stay tuned for posts around that too.

    Again many thanks for your thoughts. BTW- I never miss your posts either.

    Geoff Young
    Team Leader
    Learning Innovation
    Wodonga TAFE

  4. Thanks Joe for including my Learning Ecosystems blog in your listing here — much appreciated. I strive to keep a pulse check on a variety of items throughout the K-12, higher education, and corporate/T&D landscapes. My goal is to curate excellent content and ideas — from folks such as yourself — and to contribute/reflect upon that content as I can. These are exciting times to be involved with teaching and learning!

    Thanks again Joe,

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