20+ open access college prep courses from the University of California

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Found this slick resource yesterday while browsing the list of registered sites at

The site is an open access repository (you can browse and engage the content) as opposed to a course repository from which you can download course cartridges.  It was created by the University of California and is provided with guest access free of charge! (

There are over 20 courses, most at the college prep level (and 3 labs) which cover various topics.  Here’s a full list:

  1. Algebra One
  2. Algebra IA Spanish
  3. Algebra IB Spanish
  4. AP Biology
  5. AP Calculus AB
  6. AP Calculus BC
  7. AP Environmental Science
  8. AP Government & Politics
  9. AP Physics B
  10. AP Physics C
  11. AP U.S. History
  12. Biology
  13. Cálculo General
  14. College Prep Physics
  15. Honors Physics
  16. US Government & Politics
  17. U.S. History
  18. Biology Web Labs
  19. AP Biology Web Labs
  20. AP Environmental Science Virtual Labs
  21. Introduction To An Online Course

Many of the resources within the courses are rich, multimedia (audio and video) that help to explain complex topics and information.  If you’re teaching any of the courses outlined above, this might be a great supplementary resources (for snow days, catchup work or otherwise) which could be easily integrated into your course.

Below is a screen shot from the AP US History lesson about early Americans:

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