2010 Retrospective (part 1): and this year’s Top 25 Posts (11-25)

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2010 was a HUGE year for Moodle.  MMX brought us some cool innovations in Moodle Mobile, some fantastic books, a huge amount of community activity at and a few other unofficial Moodle groups and sites and finally the wait for and release of Moodle 2.0.

At Moodlenews we posted around 700 posts and articles, attracted over 600 comments and got involved in tracking and promoting all sorts of great Moodle-initiatives.  2010 was a great year, but 2011 is certain to be better!  On that note, let me leave you all with wishes for a fruitful and learning-filled New Year and our top 10 most popular posts of 2010.

2010 Top 25 Posts/Pages

11. The 11+ Moodle Twitterers you should be following
12. #Facebook Connect for Moodle
13. 855 Moodle-based Open Courses, #OER
14. Moodle Course Round-up (where are all the shared courses?) #OER
15. Poodle for Moodle: a desktop Moodle install for offline testing, learning and course construction
16. Back to School with 3 ways to Jazz up your Moodle pt 1
17. First look at Moodle 2.0: html editor
17.5. 30+ Moodle Videos and Tutorials by @sbrandt (nice work!)
18. 4 Great sites for module/plugin research
19. Hooray! Moodle 2.0 is out NOW!
20. The #Microsoft #Office Add-in for Moodle, a closer look at the tool installed
21. #moodle4iPhone look and feel sneak peek @ckiyan
22. Source Wars: #Blackboard takes aim on Moodle’s image of “Free”
23. 33 Examples of the Book Module providing passive professional development
24. 20+ open access college prep courses from the University of California
25. FLASH: MoodleTouch’s #iPad App screen shots are OUT

And tomorrow check in for the Top 10…

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