A Closer Look at’s Forums: Using Moodle and the Lounge

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If you’ve never been to, um…why not?  It’s the best resource for all of your Moodle needs, help and a great place to touch base with the community of like-minded Moodlers either seeking answers to a technical issue, sharing a joke in the lounge or just seeking new and interesting information and development on the LMS. I highly recommend you go to and register (and get involved!). now runs on Moodle 2 and just as before boasts two main forum destinations.  You might not have paid them any mind in the past, but they are two very different user interfaces.

Using Moodle

The Using Moodle forums are actually a course.  This course is created using the Topic format (standard to Moodle) and boasts 6 topic areas (the top of the page is just a label or the topic summary with some choice activities and text describing the resource).

Each of the topic areas covers a different grouping of discussion forums, including Getting Started, Moodle Core, Moodle Contrib, Moodle for Teaching, Moodle Development and Other Stuff.  If you’re looking for Moodle help and can’t find a fitting forum here at the very least the General Problems forum is a great place to start.  Within the course you’ll also find blocks including the Navigation Block, Admin Block, Online Users, an HTML (ad) block, Recently Rated Posts and Recent Activity.

Each aspect of Using Moodle is easily replicable in your own environment with your own smaller community.

Moodle Lounge

The Moodle Lounge is Moodle’s non-technical, non-teaching and learning forum where anything goes.  It’s a great place just to touch base with the community at will.  The Lounge is also a Moodle course in and of itself, but this course is a prime example of the Social Format for courses.  The course summary includes and image with text describing the resource, but below the fold is comprised solely of discussion threads and replies.

This is possibly the best example of a Social Format available for the public to see, if only because it’s used every day and populated with interesting discussions that illustrate the flexibility and versatility of the Social Format for conversation.  Aside from the threads the course also has the standard Navigation, Search Forums and Online Users blocks.  The Lounge also boasts a Random Glossary Entry block which displays information, images and resources from the community MultiMedia Jukebox for the Moodle Lounge (M³).

In any event, if you’re looking for examples of how to create community resources for your school or organization, look no further than

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