A Moodle Foundation For Five 2017 Corporate E-Learning Trends

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Openness, accountability, and a progressive perspective seem to be common themes in the EdTech practices and applications set to evolve throughout 2017. This, according to Enovation, a learning and compliance management solutions company, on an end-of-the-year post by Mark Melia.

We review Enovation’s five trends, to see how they hold up in Moodle and the enterprise EdTech:

#1: Career Frameworks

Career Frameworks allow organizations and employees to outline advancement paths, as related to both the organization’s opportunities and the employee’s set of skills and experiences.

Most organizations face “career advancement bottleneck” situations. A Career Framework allows the disclosure of opportunities to available talent in a way that prevents frustration and disengagement.

From an LMS point of view, Career and Competency Frameworks hold promise for these frameworks. Moodle has improved the tools to develop and implement an organization’s Framework that includes necessary and valuable skills that will support future growth. Those same frameworks link to student performance on learning interventions, so managers and employees themselves can assess the soundness of a candidate’s skill set with solid evidence.

#2: Learning evaluation

Melia suggests the Kirkpatrick Model for effectiveness of training evaluation to frame the degree of rigor under which organizations subject a learning intervention. He is confident that technology and market pressures would push them increasingly towards “behavior change” (Kirpatrick Model’s level 3) away from the more widespread “learning achievement”evaluation stage (level 2).

Some of our regular readers will find similarities between the Kirkpatrick Model and the ROI on Learning Pyramid, as covered in our series The Learning Analytics Roadmap. Moodle offers lots of tools to track performance, and evaluate it against organization’s goals or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with varying degrees of sophistication.

#3: EdTech, Learning and Management relationships deepened

Few signals of the impact ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) made into organizations were as resounding as the introduction of Chief Technology (CTO) or Information (CIO) Officers into the C-Suite. As talent becomes a larger priority and LMS evolve, learning earns a site at the board.

And just as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) became the CTO’s and CIO’s most essential accessory, an effective, timely and usable LMS is all a “CLO” could hope for to consolidate the value of Learning at the core of an organization.

#4: [More] Instant Feedback

The “Millennial workplace” of today raises the importance of up-to-date information. Some organizations will go as far as to replace annual employee appraisals with systems that allow constant feedback and tracking.

Moodle 3.2 is, among other things, a revamp of interaction and responsiveness beyond its visual design. Features such as messaging and notifications, or greater assessment capabilities, are designed to increase the value and efficacy of interactions between instructor and student, and among students themselves.

#5: Gamification 2.017

Doubts about the value of game or play infused into the user and learner experience are as varied and old as its staunch support. This year, both sides of the coin are expected to keep on going, but with a possible “third side” emerging: A mature point of view that allows gamification to coexist and interact with a tool belt of innovative and seasoned approaches which understands gaming’s limitations and the scenarios that are a good fit for its implementation. And, perhaps most important of all, a point of view that continues the research on more real use, organizational contexts, such as the one Enovation performs for its customers.

Enovation Solutions is a Totara and Moodle Partner. This recognition certifies the company’s experience as “full suite” provider for the Open Source LMS, and signals an active commitment to support Moodle’s ongoing development.

Read Enovation’s full blog post here.

moodlerooms-logoThis Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: MoodleRooms the open source learning experience by Blackboard. Rediscover Moodle. Click here to learn more.


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