Back to School: 18 awesome sites for Moodle training videos

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Over the past few years I’ve seen a lot of great Moodle videos.  Here are a few of my favorite sources/sites for Moodle related media.

  1. Updated 7/29/2014: Moodle HQ’s Youtube Channel (they got a late start but they’ve come on strong the last few releases with amazing videos highlighting new features and changes)
  2. @sbrandt’s Screenr page (at last count Shawn had over 50 Moodle related videos and tutorials listed
  3. (usually a great source but the site was recently hacked, you can still see the videos at
  4. 5 Minute Moodles by @lasic (great videos showcasing all sorts of Moodle features and tricks)
  5. Professor Moodle on Youtube (16 Moodle videos)
  6. Mount Orange School Moodle 2.0 videos (
  7. A 26 video Moodle playlist by Youtube user Peliikt
  8. KRegan’s Screencast library all about Moodle (11 videos)
  9. Titan Tech Training (Moodle 2 videos made for Cal State Moodle integration)
  10. (Gavin Henrick‘s Moodle site and videos, a full playlist is available here)
  11. @BBCS_eLearning‘s Moodle channel on Youtube (27 videos)
  12. Moot UK 11 presentation videos (longer form but definitely worth the watch)
  13. (26 videos)
  14. Cannedmushroom’s video collection at Veoh:
  15. Paul Treadwell’s Moodle tutorial collection:
  16. NJIT’s Moodle tutorials for faculty:
  17. Linn Benton Community College’s Moodle Playlist
  18. Kim Hampton’s “Make Me Moodle” collection (20 videos)
As a bonus, here’s the full “video” category from Moodlenews which features over 300 Moodle video posts

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