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A blank Moodle course can be a daunting thing to behold for beginners.  If you learn better by taking things apart and seeing how they work, then starting from an existing course in Moodle is definitely the way to go.  Luckily there are loads of great resources available where you can find sample courses and even courses which can be restored to your own Moodle in just a few clicks.

Before I discuss any other resources I want to call out two special sites which are great for finding and sharing course content. The first is the official Moodle course sharing hub, called the MOOCH and created/administered by Moodle HQ.  I think this site still has the potential to be a ground breaking resource for Moodlers far and wide.  Since launching in tandem with Moodle 2.0 over 110 courses have been uploaded and shared for you to download to your own Moodle.  It’s awesome!  Searchable with great information on each result.  If you’re not using it yet you should definitely check it out:

The second site is Moodleshare, which after suffering from a shared hosting server being hacked is now back with a new site and server.  This is one of the best course sharing sites on the web and is run by John Fila.  Check it out here:

Here’s a list of some of the sites with Ready-made-Moodle-courses that I’ve compiled (with help from readers like you) over the past 3 years:

  •, now these actually are not courses you can download.  But they do have ties to Moodle (using them for assessments).  What Saylor does offer is easily linked to courses and units that you can employ in your own courses with a simple link.
  • is the project of a Moodle partner and there are at least 70 English language courses and a growing number of courses in other languages.  If you’re looking for downloadable content this isn’t necessarily the right place (but you can see open courses in action).
  • has around 60 courses that you can check out.  The content isn’t necessarily that deep but you might get some ideas.
  • has shared a full high school (US) curriculum online via Moodle.  Original 1.9 versions of the course are now on Moodleshare, but the Moodle 2 versions are ready and waiting.  Note that courses are aligned to the Utah State Standards.
  • has courses for download (around 70).  For instructions on how to use the site to do such a thing check out
  • MoodleMayhem has a few courses for download as well.
  • LearningSpace has over 600 courses in Moodle (but heavily modified Moodle) provided by the Open University.
  • is the original independent Moodle course sharing site, check it out for 1.9 courses  to download.
  • Coloodle run by the TCEA in Texas also has courses to review (over 30).

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