Beer + Moodle = U of Brewing

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Two times recently my personal interests/hobbies have collided with Moodle and created something awesome (first was the Optimus Prime/Transformers Moodle theme).  Next up is a open source beer brewing course/Moodle setup by Greg Drake.

There are a few course shells started, but Greg is putting out the call to any home brewers/brew masters who might want to show off their knowledge and tricks of the trade in some nifty, open Moodle courses all about beer and wine.

According to the site,

The goal of the site is to gather course ideas and material from the community of brewers, wine makers, mead makers, spirit makers, etc. From this same community, volunteer instructors will manage the courses, grade homework and quizzes, and answer student questions.

Lower level course (i.e. 100 level) instructors can be anyone interested in brewing, wine making, etc that can demonstrate knowledge of the course topics. Upper level course (i.e. 200+ levels) instructors must meet stricter guidelines. For example, a master brewer will teach upper level brewing courses.

Once the courses are up and running, the hope is that those “graduating” from the “school” will recognized throughout the industry as having a quality education in their respective “major” (i.e. wine making, brewing, etc). Therefore, it is imperative that we receive community support to get quality courses up as quickly as possible.

Greg has some lofty ambitions for his site, but with a wealth of information, videos and multimedia on the web which could be harnessed and contextualized into courses I’m sure he can achieve his goals.  If you’ve got some brew know how, consider sharing (so I can learn some new recipes and techniques).

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