Binge On Lambda Solutions’ ‘Complete Moodle User Guide’ I And II Ahead Of The Intricate Chapter III’s Release

Binge On Lambda Solutions’ ‘Complete Moodle User Guide’ I And II Ahead Of The Intricate Chapter III’s Release

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They range from hidden gems to some of the most comprehensive and detailed Moodle guides on the mainstream in recent memory. It all started with Lambda Solutions “An Introduction to Moodle, the World’s Best LMS” (known by Moodle buffs as “Chapter One”), a bold approach to introducing enthusiasts of all trades to the world’s best Learning Management System. An unassuming one as well, by the way, despite its near-braggadocious name. The assertion gets contextualized quickly as pages scroll by clarifying that Moodle is the best overall. Which is not a limitation, perhaps just the opposite. Not many systems can deliver on the level of flexibility Moodle can to be one of the top choices across diverse industries. Chapter One dedicated entire chapters to Business, Healthcare, Education and Non-profits scenarios, before a grand finale aiming at Totara, Moodle’s Corporate-focused offshoot.

If Chapter One was an ambitious gamble with its own style that still managed to offer something for educators and business types alike –part of what makes it still relevant after the impending Moodle version upgrades– “Chapter Two” filled in the blanks. Not to say “How to Set-up Moodle” does not stand on its own merits, but consuming them back-to-back gives the reader a heightened experience, turning them from an spectator of potential greatness into the vessel for a deeper, more textured expansion of LMS features. Chapter Two may not need to be read from beginning to end unless you are that wonderfully rare, simultaneous Windows-Mac user, but those that do become natural assignment for the natural Moodler. The one for whom Moodle must always be built to the best of its technical, narrative, and pedagogical expressions. Yes, Moodle is modular, but to notice its flexibility, let alone exploit it, takes work. As Chapter Two argues, this is by design, not to take good EdTech practice for granted.

Chapter Two elevated practical Moodle advice to new levels, and Lambda’s name towards a weightier clientele, including Four Seasons Hotels and Spas, Bombardier Aerospace, Rutgers, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Notice how the names shadow Part One’s cardinal points of the use cases spectrum. It is only after experiencing the virtual limitlessness such an open system can offer that the heavenly problem of administering infinity unfolds with perfect sense. And for those who persevered through Chapters One and Two, Lambda has crafted the Final Chapter.

Advanced Features in Moodle” is not meant for the casual reader, but for one who wants results. The outcomes, of course, vary as widely in quality and taste as the hundred-thousand-plus active Moodle installations today. While there is a sense of closure, of “regroup” after a lonely trail, Chapter Three is a new beginning, with a whole new grade of armor: Reporting, Feedback, Competencies, cutting-edge Engagement practices, and fast-tracked Operational Optimization with no loss to personalization as defined by each individual user. Attributes ready to be meshed into never before anticipated meanings, or pushed to new directions individually. There’s no societal constraint now. Chapter Three defies the undefeatable premise that there is no manual for the Creator.

“The Complete Moodle User Guide Chapter 3: Advanced Features in Moodle” is now available to download from and (Free, signup required.)

Disclaimer: Lambda Solutions is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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