Brandon Hall Group Awards Zoola Analytics Excellence Award In Technology

BHG Awarded Zoola Analytics Heads After The Quantified Moodle Market

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In EdTech (Educational Technologies), the old adage “build it and they will come” still rings true. Receiving recognition for a commitment to quality and service, however, is always a nice feather in your cap.

Lambda Solutions, a “leader in open learning” and a Moodle Partner, recently announces its 2016 recognition by the Brandon Hall Group, of its Zoola Analytics solution. For years now Zoola, has strived to keep an ear to the ground in EdTech – a sector which, more than ever, prioritizes measurement in learning, open analytics and better reporting solutions right within Moodle or their LMS of choice.

We have covered Zoola Analytics here at MoodleNews in our series The Learning Analytics Roadmap. Zoola Analytics implements a measurement model that works as a strategic decision-making aid. To accomplish this, it matches learning outcomes to “the organizational needs and situation.”

Brandon Hall Group is a long-renowned performance improvement research organization. Since 1994 is delivers its BHG Excellence Awards across several learning, performance and technology categories. In 2016, it awarded Silver to Zoola Analytics in the “Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools” category.

Read Lambda Solutions’ press release here.

Read more on Zoola Analytics here.


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