Bring A New Level Of Grading Standards Into You School With Moodle Coursework

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The University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) has gifted the Moodleverse with the Coursework Plugin. It gives extra functionality to the grading of written activities. It also shows one of the greatest things about open source technologies. When you create a solution for yourself, you end up making thousands more lives easier! I’m sure the ULCC will receive our global gratitude.

Coursework solves some specific grading needs, common in high-stakes situations. When transparency and rigor are a must, Coursework allows:

  • Grading a coursework by two or more different users. In this context they are “Assessors”.
  • Agreement on a final grade and feedback. Assessors are not able to see each other’s grading until they have submitted theirs. Automatic agreement (maximum or average, for example) is possible.
  • Manual or random allocation of assessors. It allows for equal or variable percentage of workload for each assessor.
  • Double blind marking. This keeps assessors from knowing the identity of the student whose coursework they are evaluating. This is a great way to address potential biases. It can also be set so students do not know who is marking them. This of course requires student submitted files to have no identifying information.
  • Sample marking and group marking to make it easier for assessors to give more feedback. The sampling occurs after coursework receives the first grading. It can focus on specific grade or percentile ranges.
  • Bulk markings. Assessors can upload a model spreadsheet with all the grades. They can also upload zip files with individual feedback, like annotated submissions.
  • Export of all a course marking on spreadsheets (CSV).
  • Setting individual deadlines.
  • Submitting in behalf of students.
  • It allows integration with paid plagiarism checker service Turnitin.

Follow the minute-long videos for a quick showcase. Detailed installation and user guides for administrators, assessors and students available here.

Installing Coursework requires the ULCC Framework plugin (available here), downloaded on the local/ulcc_framework Moodle directory. Coursework is available for download from GitHub. Its contents should be placed in mod/coursework.

Other resources are available in the Moodle Coursework page.

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How do you guarantee rigorous markings? Share your tips!

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  1. Anonymous marking is a boon for students and teachers as it removes bias. Peer marking also evens out any fluctuations in marks and abnormal marking (either too generous or too strict). Both ways students will feel better and the teachers more protected against accusations. This plugin by the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) is something that Moodle needs badly! Well done and thank for you sharing the plugin’s code with the world, ULCC.

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