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Volume 1, No. 1 of “iJAI” begins with a look at how data has improved education across Europe; a method to increase engagement in online video lessons through AI; yet another chatbot application, and more.

Created by Vienna-based, International Association of Online Engineering, iJAI is the product or a wide effort to increase awareness and “disseminate highest quality research” on learning analytics and AI in education. Members from Nordic universities make up the chief and senior editing team. The editorial board is also Scandinavian with the exception of Najima Daoudi, from Morocco’s Ecole des Sciences de l’Information. It was founded by Stockholm University’s Jalal Nouri, who at this time acts as Editor in Chief.

As a part of and the Budapest Open Access Initiative, iJAI pledges to keep the research freely available in full. Its Open Access Policy argues that Open Access “is associated with increased readership and increased citation of an author’s work.”

The state of Learning Analytics Research in Europe is… okay

The first article, Efforts in Europe for Data-Driven Improvement of Education – A Review of Learning Analytics Research in Seven Countries can serve as a baseline of the field today. It focuses on Europe, touching on initiatives in other areas, in part because many of them grew in influence since their inception.

Nouri leads the 11-author overview that headlines the first number. It works mostly as a directory of active Learning Analytics and AI initiatives in the European EdTech space, focusing on policy, infrastructure, “competence centers” and featured projects. Despite the ample listning, Nouri et al declare that “learning analytics has not received enough focus from national and European national bodies.”

Research initiatives and networking

EdTech platforms and opportunities

iJAI Volume 1, No. 1 (2019)

The rest of the first edition is an assortment of ideas at varying stages of practical application, and policy-informing views.

  • Barriers to Learning Analytics everyday use
  • Assessment in non-formal online learning settings
  • AI-based enhancement of engagement in online video-based activities
  • Spelling chatbot
  • Predicting bachelor thesis completion
  • Effectiveness of gamification

How to get your Open EdTech research published

iJAI is open for short, long and “special focus” papers, which will be subject to double-blind peer review by international experts. It also receives less formal application notes, reports and calls for conferences or special academic announcements. The research must be original, unpublished and not in consideration for its publication in other outlets. Authors will be solely responsible for disclosing potential conflicts of interest in their research. iJAI processes any research in consideration through CrossRef Similarity Check and Turnitin’s iThenticate.

Articles must be in English and following IEEE citation references. Learn more here.

Recommended topics for upcoming editions of iJAI include:

  • AI-powered EdTech
  • Insight on learner’s behavior and performance (activity, engagement, motivation)
  • Learning modeling and environments (online, physical, blended)
  • EdTech implementations of Machine Learning, Educational Data Mining, Predictive Analytics
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Resources & References

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