Check out this creepy-crawly course from the HUB: The Bug Files

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This course about bugs, “The Bug Files – Documenting the Itchy Side of Green School” comes from the Green School in Bali, Indonesia. The course was contributed to the public space on the Moodle Hub and is available for download to use/reuse with your middle/high school students.

According to

This is an Entomology Course with a mission: To document the local bug species and recognize the critical roles they play in the local ecosystem. Using Moodle’s Database Tool and some smart phones, students were able to document a variety of bugs living in the area. Weekly conversations discussed much more about insects, and served as a basis for Entomology.

The course was published by Noan Fesnoux and was designed as a six-unit course.  It includes Forums, Pages, a Database, Assignment and a Quiz. Each week is designed around a single topic of entomology with videos and articles to accompany the discussions and assignments.

  • Week 1 – Questions about insects
  • Week 2 – Evolution of insects
  • Week 3 – Metamorphosis
  • Week 4 – Identifying insects
  • Week 5 – Colonial (Social insects)
  • Week 6 – Insect Profile Presentation

I was able to download and restore it. The course includes some great resources which could be incorporated into an existing course or reused as its own multi-week class. Check out a few screenshots below. Download the course from

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Which Moodle courses are your favorites? Point us to them by sharing a link in the comments below!


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