eThink Education Receives Recognition for Moodle Support During COVID-19 with the 2020 Tech Cares Award by TrustRadius

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Against all odds and throughout an unprecedented year, fully-managed LMS solutions provider and Certified Premium Moodle Partner eThink Education has continued to guarantee top-ranking support standards and metrics for organizations and institutions globally amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the company’s efforts have been recognized by software and service review company TrustRadius with the inaugural edition of the Tech Cares Recognition award, which demonstrates a commitment to employees, clients, and communities in their remote learning initiatives.

Unsurprisingly, the LMS market has skyrocketed in 2020 as organizations and institutions across all industries, demographics, and locations shift their organizational structure to some form of distance learning. This consequently increased the competition among LMS solutions and vendors, with open-source Moodle a top contender to be reckoned with.

While all proprietary software can guarantee to offer a central and unified proposition, the Moodle experience can vary widely depending on who is taking care of it. The on-site server era, of which few remnants were left even pre-pandemic, put in the hands of school IT administrators all the roles and duties involved in the management of an LMS. Tales abound of dark room dwellers, responsible for an appealing visual design, engaging activities, intuitive navigation, and of course reliability during last minute rushes to submit —and grade— assignments.

To be fair, Moodle owes a great deal of its market share to these originally on-site installations. But as the cloud marches on, raising everything in its vicinity towards itself, simple and reliable LMS solutions have become favored by institutional customers focused on peace of mind. Even if that meant disregarding the importance of flexibility, interoperability or ability to customize the experience. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Moodle, the world’s leading LMS, open source and overall, which gives users the freedom to optimize the platform as needed, while providing reliability and an easy-to-use-and-configure interface.

Since 2008, eThink Education has been at the forefront of making Moodle easier to understand and procure. First on the U.S. market, today operating in several regions around the world, the Certified Premium Moodle Partner is in all likelihood the largest supporter to the Moodle project, whose primary source of funds is partner contributions.

With a focus on technical simplicity and exuberant customer service, eThink deserves a great deal of credit in changing the narrative of Moodle in North America, where misconceptions about open source software are common. A powerful testament on how cloud-based experiences with high level of service can turn people’s minds and hearts over Moodle. Even with the option for clients to take their data and application somewhere else at a moment’s notice, eThink has held a 98% retention rate over 12 years of business.

After an incredibly busy and challenging year comes the latest recognition. TrustRadius, the customer ratings portal, awarded the “Tech Cares Recognition” to eThink, for having “acted selflessly and in support of their customers through the pandemic.” Preemptive action, billing postponements and additional, free or deeply discounted support services, for example, are actions TrusRadius deems worthy of the accolade. The Tech Cares award “recognizes B2B tech providers who have risen to the occasion and provided additional ways to assist and support employees, clients, and communities above the call of duty during the current pandemic,” according to a statement provided by the company.

The accolade highlights eThink’s specially attentive efforts taking place at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns and Work\Learn from Home arrangement. “In addition to supporting an influx of new clients in need of remote learning platforms,” the statement follows, “and working with current clients around the clock to scale and redesign their sites in order to better support fully-online working and learning, eThink has created a plethora of resources including webinars, COVID-19 resource compilations, a Remote Work eBook, and many other resources aimed at helping clients and the wider community transition to remote work and online learning.”

Since the beginning, eThink founders Cheryl Patsavos and Brian Carlson have understood that Moodle’s reputation as a reliable technology is largely a result of human efforts made to provide peace of mind around the powerful, reliable and effective elearning solutions the open source software can make possible. This award along with the many other recognitions they’ve received within the industry prove that world-class service is one of the most valuable assets your LMS can have for eLearning success.

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