eThink Partner Spotlight: Power Up Your Moodle LMS With IntelliBoard

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Moodle is a powerful learning management system with an impressive set of features. With open standards, Moodle allows you to leverage additional tools and solutions within the market to improve your learning programs when it comes to content, analytics, or support. eThink has built a strong partnership with LMS data and analytics platform IntelliBoard to help clients reach educational goals faster with the ability to make informed decisions related to their learning programs and desired outcomes.

IntelliBoard: Your Intelligent Data Dashboard 

IntelliBoard is a data visualization tool that provides superior analytics that help eLearning directors, administrators, and instructors make better data-driven decisions. The rich learning data extracted quickly and easily with IntelliBoard empowers you to create innovative and engaging learning programs that are driven by informed decisions related to learner engagement and desired goals and outcomes.

Partnered with eThink (who recently joined teams with Open LMS to become a global Moodle solutions provider), IntelliBoard connects with your LMS to unveil valuable insights about the performance of your educational resources. Using the dashboard, you can quickly check the analytics of user engagement, course utilization, instructor activity and more. Additionally, there are several other high-value features such as reporting and team member notifications.

Combining IntelliBoard With Moodle 

As a Moodle Premium Integrator, IntelliBoard can easily be added to your Moodle instance. IntelliBoard adds tables and insights to the data already collected by Moodle so there is no duplication or unnecessary complexity to deal with. Additionally, you can access some visualizations directly through Moodle, particularly the user and instructor views. More detailed reports and functionality for administrators can be found on IntelliBoard’s platform. 

Key Data Points 

IntelliBoard keeps track of a variety of valuable metrics, making it easy to better understand what’s working and what isn’t within your learning programs and use that information to drive business decisions. The following are some examples of the types of data available: 

  • Engagement: An LMS is only as good as the learner’s ability to use and benefit from it. IntelliBoard allows you to easily track user engagement within your LMS,  such as how often content is opened, how often courses are completed, the extent to which users are engaged and how active instructors and learners are. Other data includes progress summaries and the percentage of engaged users taking each course. Learner engagement is a huge part of educational efficacy and ensuring the success of your learning programs. With organized data to understand when and why your users are engaged or not engaged, improving performance and completion within your learning programs can be done strategically and intentionally. 
  • Learning Performance: IntelliBoard helps make evaluating learning performance on both smaller and larger scales more accurate and insightful, allowing you to ensure learners are making progress both in their educational efforts and overall performance. Rather than just looking at the grade average of a learner or class, you can track grade distributions, performance over time, and more. The value of this data is that it can empower your organization to improve its educational performance. Understanding what content is engaging learners will help you to focus on the most effective courses in your catalog. Additionally, it can help you to identify problem areas quickly when you can clearly see which areas of a course learners might be struggling with or where they might need more resources. 
  • User Data: IntelliBoard lets you check individual user data including learning performance and engagement. Additionally, you can drill into data such as where they are connecting from, when they connect to the LMS and even page views per hour. This can help you to better understand the needs and habits of your userbase. 
  • System Performance: There is a lot of information available about how your LMS and IntelliBoard are operating. For example, you can explore data around the browsers users are connecting with, where and when learners access training materials, elements within your LMS that might need improvement, and more. This can include insight into the amount of mobile usage versus desktop/laptop browser usage. Another example is the number of HTTP requests that are made to each feature and plugin. If you have added a new feature, you can see how wide its adoption is based on the number of requests sent to that feature. 

In short, IntelliBoard keeps track of all the information you need to ensure that your educational content is working as intended. You no longer have to simply hope that your content is working. With Moodle and IntelliBoard, you can be confident your system is working as intended to drive learning initiatives forward with the high-quality data and analytics to prove it.  

Visualizing Course Engagement, Completion and More 

At the heart of IntelliBoard is a powerful dashboard with plentiful visualizations including graphs, heatmaps, trend lines and other ways to understand your LMS data.  

Beyond what’s available in the dashboard, IntelliBoard includes a monitoring tool that allows you to create custom visualizations. For example, if you want to see a pie chart of the browsers being used by your learners, you can generate a report in that format quickly and easily. 

Custom Reports 

Reporting is a big part of the learning ecosystem. eThink helps Moodle users develop the right reports for monitoring their organizations. These reports become even more powerful when you extend the reporting functions available with core Moodle by using IntelliBoard. By adding this plugin, you can create, customize and monitor high-value reports that are configured to meet and address your organization’s specific needs. 

Some examples of configurable reports in Moodle include student progress, access statistics, engagement and browser statistics. Creating and managing these reports is very intuitive and simple. Not to mention, with the right eLearning solutions provider, like eThink, building even more complex custom reports can be done entirely by your extended LMS support team.  

Find At-Risk Learners 

The data in IntelliBoard can be used to monitor the performance of individual users. Examine a learner’s success and progress to determine whether intervention is needed. Additionally, you can generate reports based on past due assignments, overdue users, activity status and progress. This is a highly effective way to identify at-risk learners, which is crucial to retention efforts for many colleges and universities. 

Frequently, learner progress problems can be addressed effectively when caught early. IntelliBoard can help you to help struggling learners before they fall behind. 

Providing Insights to Learners and Instructors 

These insights aren’t limited to system administrators. Learners and instructors also receive their own, specialized dashboards that they can access directly through Moodle, providing the ability to evaluate performance and success from any role or position. 

Learners can see their own statistics and track their progress when it comes to learning. This includes data such as comparisons with course averages, assignment completion, course progress, participation, and final grades and assignment results. Giving learners access to this data helps them to better manage their own education and can be especially valuable for self-guided learning such as corporate training courses. 

On the other hand, instructors can easily see data for the courses they are leading. This helps them to better manage their students and identify who needs additional help or where the course might need some refining. IntelliBoard makes it easier for instructors to provide valuable education to your learners. 

IntelliBoard, Moodle, and eThink: Better Together 

For scalable online learning, eThink (now a part of Open LMS) offers a fully-managed, future-proof Moodle LMS solution supported by insightful data and powerful analytics, which can be enhanced even further using IntelliBoard. With these components in your learning ecosystem, you can better support your learner’s needs with proven initiatives that lead your organization in the right direction – on the path to sustained success and development. 

eThink Education is a sponsor of LMSPulse. To learn more, watch Power Up Your Moodle LMS with IntelliBoard and Open LMSOr, find more information at or 

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