eThink Stories: Vado’s Off-The-Shelf Leadership Library Will Make You An Elearning Leader

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Elearning content and Learning Management Systems go hand in hand. If you’re interested in digital learning, you need both in order to sustain an effective learning program. Creating content for your LMS, however, can seem like a daunting project. Organizations often have lofty goals and requirements for the subject matter they want covered in their learning programs, and it can be difficult to visualize how to make those goals a reality.

So, what are your options when it comes to sourcing content for your LMS?

Off-the-shelf content and custom content are two of the most common content sources, and each can fit a different set of needs…

Pre-built content can save your team time and money

Off-the-Shelf content is content that is sold in a ready-to-use format and generally does not provide room for personalization or customization. Organizations build out extensive training programs for their learners by weaving together pre-made off-the-shelf content on topics ranging from workplace safety to compliance to soft skills to cybersecurity.

Using off-the-shelf content can save your team valuable time and money. If designed by content experts, it can ensure a high level of quality for your program, and that it offers a complete subject matter syllabus, to ensure you’re meeting compliance and offering trainings. Off-the-shelf content is ideal for general topics, such as those required by administrative bodies: Say “Workplace Safety,” or “Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.”

Not only can off-the-shelf content provide your team with training on a variety of different topics, it can also support a broad range of formats. Find off-the-shelf content in the form of microlearning, interactive content and quizzes, videos and more, helping you with diversifying your offerings beyond your team’s ability to design learning content.

As an LMS provider, eThink Education works with a curated network of content partners to equip clients with high-quality options for off-the-shelf content. One of eThink’s partners, Vado, has an extensive content library, featuring a plethora of topics including leadership development, business skills, HR compliance, and sales. Vado’s robust library of courses includes almost 400 mobile-responsive, microlearning courses that take learners through step-by-step modules that can easily be applied on the job. Vado’s digestible microlearning content is a novel approach to many standard corporate learning programs and encourages better engagement, retention, and learning outcomes.

Custom content can be designed to meet your unique needs

Sometimes there just isn’t an off-the-shelf course that will meet your team’s needs. Whether you are designing a custom onboarding program, a unique set of compliance courses, or a syllabus specific to your company’s culture, product offerings, or industry, there are options for building custom content to meet your exact needs. Though your team may know all the subject matter that you would like to cover, it can be difficult to tackle the task of building online courses and content on your own.

The most effective way to build custom content is to work with an instructional design partner who can bring your vision for your courses to life. When looking for a partner who can build your custom content, it is helpful to have your learning platform vendor be part of the conversation, so you can understand how the content will fit into your system; and integrate it with other elements in your platform, like reporting and leaderboards, for instance.

eThink Education’s Custom eLearning Content service helps clients design content to meet their exact elearning needs in a variety of formats, including video-based, scenario-based and game-based learning, microlearning, virtual reality, and more. eThink’s vetted network of content experts guarantees the development of content that can meet clients’ instructional and educational goals through a consultative and collaborative content creation process. Working with a hands-on LMS partner like eThink can ensure your content goals are being met on time, without the added stress of managing the whole process yourself; and can provide you with the added expertise of eLearning specialists.

eThink clients, like WekaIO, have transformed their training program with the help of eThink and their content design partners.

Choose a platform that supports a best-of-breed content strategy

Recent events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, have shown many organizations the importance of flexibility. Both custom and off-the-shelf content can be part of your team’s elearning strategy, but to be able to incorporate content from a variety of sources in different forms, you have to ensure your LMS supports that flexibility.

As opposed to locking yourself into a proprietary LMS that will limit your content options, choosing an open style platform like Moodle, Moodle Workplace, or Totara can help you build a best-of-breed content strategy. With a best-of-breed content strategy, you can acquire your content from a variety of sources based on your needs at the time and remain adaptable to new styles and forms of content in the future, while ensuring your learning ecosystem remains interoperable, measurable, and efficient.

To learn more about eThink Education’s LMS platform and content options, you can contact the team or request a demo.

Read moe eThink Stories

Prepare for the return to the workplace with Vado’s free COVID-19 courses

eThink partner, Vado, is offering a series of free L&D courses to help teams prepare for their return to the office after COVID-19 disruptions. Courses include:

  • Sweats to Suits: This course is a commonsense guide for returning to the post COVID-19 workplace – from sweats back to suits.
  • A Rational Guide For Returning To The Post COVID-19 Workplace for Employers: This course will explore 11 considerations to begin your plan and ensure a successful transition back to work.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): This course aims to clarify some of the frequently asked questions and basic prevention methods for COVID-19.

Not going back into the office just yet? Vado is also offering other free courses including: New Office, New Obstacles | Funny WFH Scenarios Q&A & A Perfect Guide to Imperfect Times.

Access the free COVID-19 courses here.

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