Evolving With Moodle: A 10 Year Case Study Of Open University

open university moodle

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Jenny Gray recently posted a deck to Slideshare that I found facinating, inspiring and energizing. Jenny is the Head of Centre of Excellence (Technical), IT Architecture at Open University and her deck captures the past decade that OU has been using Moodle, and how they have evolved with the technology.

Check out the deck below:

[slideshare id=59974506&doc=tenyearsandonwards-160324064648]

She covers four main topics in her presentation:

  • A review of what OU has done with Moodle technology – courses, projects and a host of other learning and teaching tools;
  • How OU has operationalized Moodle, looking at their interaction with the Moodle community and their own internal approaches;
  • What OU has learned over the past 10 years; and
  • Where OU expects to go next with Moodle.

Here’s why you should list to someone like Jenny – check out these stats for OU:

open university moodle


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How has your school or business evolved with Moodle? Tell us in the comments below!

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