Free Book: How to Use Moodle 2.7 (360+ pages of Moodle)

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This digital text created by Jaswinder Singh based on Jason Cole & Helen Foster’s Using Moodle 2nd Edition is available for free to Moodlers who are using 2.7. The text is 350+ pages and focuses on all aspects of Moodle’s standard modules and functionality, detailed information on all settings available to users (including administrators) and screenshots of various Moodle configuration screens.

TOC is listed below:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: How can I use Moodle
  • Chapter 3: Moodle Basics
  • Chapter 4: Managing Content in Moodle
  • Chapter 5: Managing your Class
  • Chapter 6: Using Moodle Text Editors
  • Chapter 7: Chat, Messaging and Forums
  • Chapter 8: Quizzes and Question Banks
  • Chapter 9: Assignments
  • Chapter 10: Workshop
  • Chapter 11: Glossaries
  • Chapter 12: Lesson
  • Chapter 13: Wikis
  • Chapter 14: Blogs
  • Chapter 15: Database
  • Chapter 16: Surveys, Choices, and Feedback
  • Chapter 17: SCORM & External Tool
  • Chapter 18: Grades and Scales
  • Chapter 19: Moodle Administration

If you’re looking for a (digital) desktop companion or a guide to provide new users a quick reference this updated Moodle text might be just what you are looking for. The language is clear and concise and easy to work through. Each chapter is well organized and easy to follow.

The text is downloadable from More Moodle-focused books are available from


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  1. strange, the links (both) definitely work for me. The link in the post is to Google Docs. The 2nd is a direct link to the db entry at

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