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Here’s another free hosting site which provides users just a classroom (no full sites or admin rights):  Signup is a breeze and once confirmed you can create your own Moodle classroom easily.  Please note that this appears to be a much older version of Moodle running (Pre 1.8, possibly as old as 1.5)

According to the site,

Teachers can use this website and easily create an online course or publish course material on the internet. Students will then enroll the course (using enrollment key) to gain access to the On-Line classroom.

While the site doesn’t tout it’s Moodle code base, it seems to be fully supported by it’s corporate site:  It seems that it’s created it’s own “private label” distro of the Moodle LMS.

If you’re looking for a place to host a course and possible connect with a community (for free) this might be a good option.

Description: free hosting of individual classrooms based on Moodle’s LMS
Ads?: no
3rd party plug-ins: no
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: ?
Business plan: “private label” Moodle distro hosting/service company
Limits: 128 MB upload
Basic Plan: Editing teacher rights and course creation

For more free hosting options check out

Here’s a screen shot of a v1.9 course restored successfully to the site:

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