‘Girls In Tech’ Promoting Technology Careers, Leadership Among Young Students

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Girls in Tech is a non-profit organization created to bridge the gap between men and women on leadership positions in the technology sector, which of course includes EdTeh. One of its main goals is to foster engagement and empowerment among women with initiatives that include memberships, seminars, podcasts, job boards, and of course online education. Girls in Tech does not make distinctions. It embraces the idea that the world is constantly evolving, tech being the most illustrative example.

What is your mission?

Advances in the fields of technology and science are great determinants of our future. Historically, the industrial developments to which we owe our modern quality of life are intimately linked to social and economic systems where gender and power are correlated. The places in which these innovations have appeared have been and continue to be hard to enter for women, as well as ethnic and socioeconomic minorities.

Faced with this reality, Girls in Tech mission is, first of all, to promote interest among girls and young women towards fields of study and professional development related to technology. Second, to open space on these places for its members, so that they have the opportunity to develop their career under equal conditions.

Girls in Tech has managed to position itself as an interest and influence group, thanks, among other things, to an astute digital strategy. Besides a sleek website, the organization has a savvy online presence including social media, virtual conferences, and a YouTube channel.

It is important to highlight the emphasis that this organization places on empowerment and motivation. With the reduced participation of women in STEM fields, professionals face personal and emotional challenges, in addition to the problems typical of many work environments: Biases, discrimination, pay gap, harassment and unfavorable office policies. Women in professional settings are more prone to episodes of stress, depression and anxiety. Then there’s the Dunning-Kruger: In general, a woman tends to underestimate her abilities, especially compared to men. Over time, this has implications on getting bigger responsibilities, salary increases and promotions to managerial positions. It is common to find women who see their life project far from reach.

2 episodes of the Girls in Tech podcast that you can’t miss

Tech for Good 

This video captivated me. Anousheh had a difficult past. The context in which she grew up suffered from serious limitations for her free expression and development. Her message is clear: “There is no limitation in our lives, as long as we have the attitude to achieve our goals.”

The next industrialists

While listening to this episode, I reflected on the importance of knowing my past. By this I also mean the past of the world, the events that have made us what we are as a society today. Knowing about history is not only a matter of general culture, but also so that we know how to think critically, break up from our status quo and innovate.

The episode is an invitation to become aware of the fallacies of our society. If the female population begins to have a new collective thought regarding equality, the world could gradually be transformed.

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