How Open Source L&D Partners ‘Future-Proof’ Corporate Training

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Corporate education is an increasingly promising space for organizations and providers. It is ridden with inefficiencies and frustrations too. But for companies like eThink Education, these are opportunities worth addressing in sustainable ways.

And when it comes to learning technologies, few models are as sustainable as Open Source.

As part of a special feature on Learning & Development in Raconteur, the long-form magazine from British newspaper The Times, the Baltimore-based company showcased its views and insight on how Open Source technology “future-proofs” training across organizations.

The statistics are encouraging, if also sobering. 90 per cent of executives are aware of the critical role L&D plays when it comes to achieving strategic outcomes and deliver value. But only a third of talent developers feels confident in their own L&D model.

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Unlike other technological gaps faced by organizations looking to stay at the top of their field, L&D is in essence a capacity building operation. A learning partner cannot just be one that delivers an LMS. It is also not enough just having a comprehensive set of training materials, especially is most of the library is not relevant to the company’s unique skill needs.

This is where “high-touch” providers like eThink come in. On top of Totara or Moodle —Open Source, high-performing and flexible LMS— the company is able to imbue the system with seamless integration and tailor-fit content, solutions provided by an ample and increasing number of strategic partnerships, thoroughly vetted. eThink consultants assess the organization’s L&D needs to develop a solution that drives results, along with a process of team and leadership buy-in. In essence, what world-class L&D experts deliver is comprehensive:

  • State of the art, Open Source Learning Technology (LMS)
  • High quality, frequently updated content and educational resources, including OER
  • Seamless integration to third-party technologies across the vast EdTech ecosystem
  • Direct consulting based on decades of industry experience that will streamline and optimize the efficiency of the solution as a whole

Your future is Open Source L&D

While many consulting organizations provide similar L&D solutions, senior leadership and Learning Officers must not ignore the additional set of benefits provided by Open Source partners. In many cases they outshine the standard L&D offering.

For starters, you are not paying for a proprietary license. You are not locked in, and your LMS solution will remain yours forever. Your Open Source L&D partner is therefore incentivized to provide a high level of service. eThink Education in particular has found a way to thrive through this model. It boasts a 11-year customer satisfaction rate of 99% and virtually zero turnover.

Flexibility and efficiency are arguable the other legs of the Open Source stool. It is simply much easier to adapt and customize an application to the company’s needs. Partners like eThink do not have to “hard sell” you a technology, in fact they have performed successful migrations and “service switches” among providers and even LMS. Given L&D’s role in the evolution and maturity of an organization, you are guaranteed a technology that grows with you. In this virtuous cycle, eThink is one of the largest contributors to the ongoing development of Open Source technology. Since the contributions are tied to the revenue, customer satisfaction and sustainable software development go hand in hand.

Last but not least, supporting Open Source development is a way to further the possibilities of learning on a global scale and increasing access to the best learning solutions available to every human being on earth. The more people have access, the higher the changes are for a more robust, friendly and secure learning technology.


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