How To Keep Track Of Competencies With The Intelliboard Dashboard For Moodle

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While Competencies remain one of the most powerful ways to offer a solid, evidence-based learning experience, EdTech entrepreneurs and large institutions alike tend to struggle when it comes to aligning content and Activities in a Moodle Course toward the Competencies on a student’s Learning Plan or the institution’s Competency Framework. Even more difficult has proven to be the active management of a learning intervention towards Competencies, even when Analytics tools are implemented for better control.

In its ongoing attempt to make Analytics actionable, Intelliboard is launching the latest update to its Dashboard, a reporting and analytics solution that integrates seamlessly into a Moodle workflow.

Both Moodle and Intelliboard have offered support for Competencies for years now, but to promote the implementation of Competencies across all scales, Intelliboard provides comprehensive technical and educational documentation on how to set up and manage Competencies using the Dashboard.

Competencies must be enabled and activated in Moodle for the Dashboard to use them. Contact your Moodle admin if necessary. Once a Moodle site has both Competencies and the Intelliboard plugin up and running, teachers have access to a “Competencies Dashboard” from the menu. As long as the organization has an active Intelliboard subscription, the Dashboard will provide real-time, visual information on group and individual achievement in terms of Competencies.

The welcome page of the Dashboard provides a quick, up-to-date, visual overview of classroom progress in Competencies, Courses, Competencies breakdowns, and more.

The “Competencies” tab provides a full list of Competencies and Courses associated. Statistics on learner progress is readily available. The tab offers search and visual customization options.

The “Courses” tab includes a visual breakdown of progress and access to the Competencies related to each Course. It shows student statistics and is both searchable and configurable.

The “Reports” tab provides a granular breakdown of every student interaction and its relationship to a given Course and Competency. Next to it, a handy link for Intelliboard support is available.

To sum up, the Dashboard provides a complete view of the Courses in the Moodle Site and the Competencies associated with each. Large lists of Courses can be looked up using a search bar. The Dashboard offers several customization options. Reports on evidence of achievement toward a Competency for an individual student are also available.

The latest update makes Intelliboard compatible with Moodle 2.6 and up to the latest Moodle 3.3 release. Check out a demo at If you want to see the Intelliboard Competencies Dashboard in action, schedule a session at For more, contact Tonya Riney, VP Client Services, at [email protected] or call 866-89-REPORTS in the US.

Note: IntelliBoard is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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