“How to Moodle 2.0” course available for enrollment on the Mooch

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If you’re interested in the primer for getting started/evaluating the look, feel and changes to a Moodle 2.0 course then you should take a peak at the “How to Moodle 2.0” course on the Mooch.

The course, posted by Chad Outten and hosted by is accessible at  Guest access has been enabled.

Visit the course site at

4 Responses

  1. For a lack of a better place to post this, how do you go about placing an image to the far right of a course topic? This course has them so that is why I figured I would ask here…

  2. Greg, good question. From my experience it’s just a matter of aligning the image to the right (and it automatically will justify to the right hand side).

    For setting the alignment, you’ll need to make the setting while configuring the image in the topic summary…in general it’s this screen:

  3. Using firebug the code says

    img src=”” width=”48″ height=”48″ style=”float: right;

    I’ve used a borderless table before for that kind of stuff.

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