How To Use The Moodle Mobile App For Education In The Classroom

How To Use The Moodle Mobile App For Education In The Classroom

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To be a good teacher takes a restless adaptation of your teaching approach. The practice of knowledge transfer is for you to master, to benefit your students. This takes a special importance in those cases where awareness about the acquisition process affects learning. Like reading exercises: if you are aware that you are reading then you aren’t exactly reading, since your focus is elsewhere.

The subconscious part of the learning process needs attention for the whole to be truly effective. If you use videos and infographics during your presentation, a more compelling set of stimuli aligned around a meaning will increase the retention rate of your students. In the age of technology, students expect their professors to rely on technology to simplify things, and because gadgets and apps make learning fun. Proficiency in mobile learning tools are wondrous skills to have. Moodle Mobile is a powerful tool for education. This article will point out its strengths and some ideas about using the App as a support for the classroom.

Moodle is an eLearning authoring tool that can help you embrace the spirit of project based learning, with increased momentum for what we’ve gone on this century. And you are likely teaching generations born after the mid 80’s, and these are technological natives. By using technology, you will bring your lessons a step closer into their worlds. Lessons will be far more visual, and easier to remember. The Moodle Mobile app enables a swift exchange of information. You can upload all the necessary materials and students will have access to it on their devices.  This comes especially handy in many cases: when students have difficulties attending lectures in person, or they have jobs or long commutes.

It would be ideal to use Moodle Mobile for making all relevant reading material for you course easily accessible, through files and links. It will save students time and it will show them that you are a teacher who is a kindred spirit of theirs, someone who enjoys acquiring information by browsing the internet. Furthermore, the whole process of collaboration will be far easier for you as well.  You can organize additional online lectures, consultations, give bonus hints and extra credits.

How to use Moodle Mobile

Let’s go through some of the tips on how to optimize your course by using Moodle. First, optimize your materials for mobile screens. Reading might not seem an ideal activity for small screens, but it can still work, if the reading is brief and the text zoom is adaptable. You can do far better with a slides presentation or a video, though, that narrates all the crucial points of the lecture. Explore the course delivery formats available on Moodle. I recommend Topics or Weekly.

Even though your students use technology, do not assume that everyone will know how to use Moodle. You might need a lecture to explain the basics of the Moodle mobile app and how they can use it. Just make sure everyone is in the know. You can also share some video links of Moodle Mobile tutorials so that students can experiment and figure out the features on their own, of which there are plenty. Always recommend, before you begin a course, that every student enables notifications in the app. That way there will be no excuses allowed about missing any crucial updates or deadlines for your course.

When you are supplying additional links that lead to relevant content and reading materials, make sure the websites are mobile friendly as well. Give a short introduction of the material, so your students know what they are about to open. I would avoid posting downloadable content since it can clutter your students devices. Lastly, make sure you use a Moodle theme that is mobile friendly as well.

Benefits of using Moodle

You might think this is too much trouble and that it is too time-consuming, but there are many benefits of using Moodle to support your teaching. With e-learning authoring tools like Moodle Mobile 3.1, you can do all sorts of things to improve project based learning.

  1. You can use it to point students to useful blogs, and encourage them to start live-blogging as well. Writing is always a beneficial skill in any career, and if you reward this behavior, you will be helping your students a lot.
  2. With RSS you can also monitor forums and deliver podcasts for students. With chat technology and video features, there is nothing stopping you from holding online lectures, perhaps with foreign guests. This is also a great way to organize the outcomes of online discussions and collaboration, and to perform revisions.
  3. Since all of your students are connected, they can do peer evaluation and peer correction, even anonymously. They can also interact with students from other schools and share thoughts.
  4. You also gain access to student activity logs to get a picture of just how much some of your students are engaging with your subject. Moreover, they can maintain learning diaries, so they, you and everyone involved can track their progress.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using Moodle 3.1, and if you work as a teacher, it’s an app that definitely warrants your consideration.

Technology is making the world a better place. It makes your job as a teacher easier, and it makes the learning process for students more engaging and fun. Students get to acquire some useful skills, since companies nowadays ask for high levels of competence when it comes to using technology.

Check out the latest Moodle Mobile App and find out its qualities on your own.

Author Bio:

Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He has 7+ years of experience working with ProProfs learning management system and other eLearning authoring tools, which has given him a hands-on experience of the latest course authoring software and an exclusive insight into the eLearning industry.

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