H5P―The New Normal In Web Interactivity Hits The Ground Running Through Moodle

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H5P is an interactive content standard. Based on JavaScript and HTML5, it is perhaps the best contender to replace Flash once and for all. Plus, it’s open source. But the best way to do it justice is by letting you see it in action:

The H5P developer community has chosen Moodle, along with WordPress and Drupal, as their gateways for wider adoption.

The applications of H5P are as varied as Flash once could offer. They go beyond the interactive video with annotations, varied quiz types and bookmarks of the demo here embedded. Timelines, “mark the words” activities, Prezi-like 3-D presentations and time-trial arithmetic quizzes are just the tip of the iceberg. See the full list of examples here, full-screen recommended. You will find that most of them involve learning activities.

Also check your literary vocabulary with an actual production example from Norway’s NDLA (National Digital Learning Arena).

If these examples inspire you, jump right into H5P content through their handy Interactive Creator. It requires free sign up. Choose one from the 20+ content types and follow the steps. More specific tutorials for authors are available here. Don’t forget to create an H5P file before enabling the Moodle plugin!

H5P is also the extension of the files you create, which you can download. H5P files are packages, like ZIP or RAR, but with a JSON “package definition” file that gives it the structure.

A final selling point of H5P for learning systems is the compatibility with Tin Can API (xAPI) to send and receive structured user learning data. Read our previous coverage of xAPI here.

H5P for Moodle is still in beta. The latest release candidate of the plugin came out in July and fixes some issues involving SQL and xAPI communication.

Download the H5P plugin here. Installation and enabling instructions are available in the official H5P page for Moodle.

When your H5P content is ready, follow this guide to embed and enable interaction with other Moodle activities, like grading.

Check out the GitHub repo.

Advanced documentation for developers is available here. A forum, very much like our, is available here if you want to get more involved.

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What would you like to do with H5P in your Moodle? Tell us in the comments below!

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