Introduction to Moodle Video Collection (8 videos)

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Here’s another video playlist from sbudd from This list includes

  1. Moodle’s flagship introduction video,
  2. Tomaz Lasic’s “How Moodle Can change a School” (part 1 and 2),
  3. Goomoodleikiog,
  4. Using Moodle in the Classroom,
  5. Moodle Explained with Lego
  6. and others.

It’s a great collection of the best intro to Moodle videos (note that a few of the videos were linked to no-longer functional sites, but you should find active links above).

2 Responses

  1. I hadn’t paid much attention to this playlist, but after strolling across this in my RSS feed, I’ve updated the outdated links. (This was designed for training at school, where we don’t have YouTube access, which explains why I didn’t use that more dependable source… grrr)

    I’m not sure why, but I’m still surprised when I see links to these playlists I compiled a year ago for teacher in-service. When I was working on that training, I really felt like I was working in a bubble. Now I feel like part of a community. Yay!

    Also, thanks for doing the dirty work by creating your (included) video.

  2. Steven, I was hoping to get off the hook without that mentioned. That was my first ever youtube and I doubt I’ll ever put anything of that low quality on the web again ;). Thanks for sharing those!

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