Is Science The Answer? Help Us Find Out With Our EdTech Labs Review, Vol. 4

Is Science The Answer? Help Us Find Out With Our EdTech Labs Review, Vol. 4

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The items of academic research reviewed below should be seen as basic and introductory work towards fully drawn-out interventions in learning. We hope any further outcomes are openly available, as transparency and comparability are fundamental if we want to push the field forward. This should be the case when it comes to data and proper documentation of their gathering and processing techniques.

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Will EdTech help us account for image and reputation as learning factors?

Lafuente-Ruiz-de-Sabando, Zorrilla, Forcada (2017)
A review of higher education image and reputation literature: Knowledge gaps and a research agenda

European Research on Management and Business Economics

Reputation is bound to arise in the context of sustained social interaction. When an institution provides the setting for the interactions, its image also plays a role, the authors claim. The research suggests that the many dimensions of institutional reputation should be taken into account when considering learning outcomes and its social validity.


Will EdTech allow us to ensure students from diverse background yield comparable levels of proficiency?

Frantz, Roman, De Jager (2017)
An Exploration of Learning Styles Used by Social Work Students: A Systematic Review

Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development

Rather than explore solutions, this review takes a step back. It tries to document the assumptions embedded in programs and technologies that result in advantages for students who come from a particular cultural and social background. The scope of learning styles, for example, could fail by being too limiting when trying to account for the actual number of configurations present among learners.


Will EdTech replace traditional tools for reading and writing skills, like books, pens, and paper?

Bocci, Guerini, Marsano (2017)
The Apps as tools for learning to read and write. A Review
[email protected]

Interactive tools common in learning, such as forums or wikis, are making students increase the volume of their reading and writing. A review based on applications used across the Italian school system brings a new perspective to the debate about the kind of reading and writing we want to promote and account for. The review includes assistive technology apps.


Will EdTech offset a teacher’s idiosyncratic traits not commonly associated with quality?

Oktaviyani (2017)
A Critical Review: Language Learning Strategy and Teachers’ Characteristics in Indonesian English Language Teaching

When we talk about openness in the classroom, we want to address everything that can be a factor in a student’s experience. For a language learning setting, the authors here associate personal traits in teachers with positive views of the learning environment, such as how “comfortable” it feels.

Will EdTech appropriately translate insight originated in non-human animal learning research?

Hill, Dietrich, Cappieilo (2017)
Learning to play: A review and theoretical investigation of the developmental mechanisms and functions of cetacean play
Learning & Behavior

This work breaks ground in aspects of animal play, specifically cetaceans (think whales, porpoises, and dolphins). But instead of giving us just another inventory of games cetaceans play, the authors focus on the societal implications of play. Play is a powerful learning method for young individuals, but as it has been shown, animals continue to engage in play throughout their life. It is hypothesized the reasons involve bonding, conflict prevention, and resolution.

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