Learn How To Perform A Hassle-Free Moodlerooms Migration From The Experts At Paradiso

Learn How To Perform A Hassle-Free Moodlerooms Migration From The Experts At Paradiso

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All debates about Moodlerooms’ virtues or lack thereof are history. If you are trying to find Moodlerooms alternatives, Paradiso LMS, a Moodle-based platform, is an example of what you should be looking for in your next partner. Experience, mastery —on the deployment as in the migration process— versatility and quality of service are perhaps some of the key ingredients. The seemingly bad news can become an opportunity to upgrade your Moodle experience and take your organization into a new era of learning.

Partner up right for your migration

At one point the most valuable Moodle Partner, Moodlerooms was bought by EdTech giant, Blackboard in 2012, a move that never ceased to be controversial. Now, many users fear that the inconveniences will only escalate. In reality, it depends. Moodle-based organizations can leverage the moment to take a fresh look at the landscape and their own needs, to find a valuable partner who has also a proven commitment to open technologies in education. Furthermore, there is no reason why a switch cannot mean an “upgrade” in every sense of the word: From features to services, and everything in between.

It is likely, especially for the longer-running Moodlerooms clients, that taking a look outside feels like waking up after being frozen for years. Several new players have entered the game, new unexpected technologies are grabbing people’s attention, and the industry in general has matured along with the standards deemed elementary for a reliable Learning Management System.

Keys to LMS migration success

Modern and active LMS players like Paradiso, have consolidated a process of delivery that speeds up development, increases quality control and promotes innovative LMS deployment, in ways that benefits every actor. Paradiso LMS implements “Design Patterns” that makes the use and management of Moodle more intuitive. Admins have a more powerful tool. Users have friendlier interfaces. Educators enjoy an efficient teaching experience.

Regarding the migration itself, you must ensure your partner is closely acquainted with your system and its architecture, your custom development and standards, and the special content and data built over the years. Any migration is a challenge, but the right partner will make the process as seamless as possible.

Feel heard, understood, known. It’s your right!

Most providers have evolved niche expertise to better cater to your specific context. Paradiso LMS is designed mostly for corporations, businesses, educational institutions and government organizations, offering a cost-effective platform with versatile designs and features that could adapt perfectly to any of their characteristics and needs.

Understanding that any migration is prone to tough calls, Paradiso suggests a list of elements that are particularly important for the transition process and going forward.

User experience: Modern LMS (like Paradiso) understand that learning is evolving, and that technology should not only support, but also encourage continuous, evidence-based improvement.

User interface: Beyond a nice look and colors, this also refers to the infrastructure, often cloud-based, that makes an efficient and smooth delivery possible.

Advanced reporting: Get fresh, custom notice about virtually every stat of your system and students. Hopefully be able to make inquiries on the spot and get “Ad Hoc” reporting on top of common information, pre-loaded.

Plentiful Integration possibilities: Few players can boast Paradiso’s more than 100 applications ready to be plugged into Moodle, making it simpler to run the software along other services. The list is large, diverse and growing. Just to name a few: Salesforce, Oracle, Sugar CRM, Sharepoint, Joomla, and Shopify just for the enterprise customer.

Learning Paths: Technology is not just about moving the process online, but technology should be leveraged as a key driver in operational improvement. Advanced Learning Paths are not just better, but ready to be evaluated across several rubrics: Technology (IT), Management (PM), Quality Assurance (QA). This ensures two things: that the new offering will met, or hopefully exceed, the system’s current requirements; and also that it can be adjusted as easily as possible in the inevitable chance. Naturally, the complexity of the solution is proportional to the size of the client system.
Multitenancy: Easily create private portals for departments, divisions or clients with an LMS that support multitenancy. Create multiple customized and branded tenant infrastructures within a single LMS. It does not have to feel like an extravagant request! Paradiso’s Multi-Tenant capabilities allows you to have multiple clients, vendors or partners, serving them with different themes, branding, learning plans and workflows, all from the comfort of one management panel.

Custom navigation: Personalize the main menu and give each type of user a unique experience. Main menus cannot be thought of as set in stone by wise old men. They should respond to your needs, as well as each role.

Easy branding: Your corporate image must be able to readily take over the LMS, from the top (logo, palette) to the finer, defining things (and some easter eggs are the icing on the cake!) Customize your platform according to your brand in a way that makes it easier to tweak and evolve.

Gamification: The effectiveness of gamification has moved the conversation from “if” to “how.” Make sure your partner is on the loop with the latest science related to motivation and engagement.

Check out an infographic: “Latest Trends in Gamification for Corporate Learning” (PDF)

Paradiso LMS wants to be recognized for being the best across every dimension you wish to evaluate a potential partner. When was the last time you took a hard look at your learning platform provider?

Paradiso offers fully-featured trial versions with up to 50 users. Contact Paradiso today and set up a no-strings-attached trial.

Disclaimer: Paradiso Solutions is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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