Learning to Moodle – Basics for Teachers (an open course for Moodle training)

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“Learning to Moodle – Basics for Teachers” is a full Moodle course complete with videos and tutorials for showing the beginner teacher how to navigate, manage and create using a Moodle classroom.

Seems to be a great starting place for any beginner as they jump into the world of Moodlers.  The course is open for guest access (or you can register and enroll your own account using the enrollment key provided in the course description).  The course was created by Eric Hagley and the site is hosted/provided by Muroran Institute of Technology.

The course is complete with video tutorials, all contextualized and designed to show the easiest ways to manage a course.  As a positive, the tutorials all reflect the theme of the actual learning course (so as not to cause any confusion).  Here are a few of the topics you might learn by taking the course,

  • Designing the course
  • Allowing students to join courses
  • Creating/Managing groups
  • Using Forums
  • Working with Quizzes


3 Responses

  1. Helen, it appears that the content would be suitable for training teachers on Moodle 1.8-1.9 (but not necessarily 2.0).

  2. Its a good idea. They would tell your kid for being strong at interview and they would learn your kid how to behave in college. If your child faces issue in writing its assignment, they are there to help you out also so that you can be ensure about their work and education. They are good for your kid education.

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