Leverage Your Moodle Skills With A Certification By Elearning Experts

Moodle Course Certification Course By Elearning Experts Coming Up Next October 8th

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US-based Moodle Partner Elearning Experts is inviting everyone interested to take part in the Moodle Course Creator Certificate process, and to obtain official validation of your Moodle skills. Elearning Experts is the only US organization allowed to issue the MCCC by Moodle HQ.

The Certification involves an 8-week long online course with one final exam and mentor review of a course, all online. It purports to reflect real-world skill use. It currently certifies Moodle 2.9 proficiency.

Anyone can sign up for the certification process with Elearning Experts. Moodle HQ recommends it best for people who have completed the following Moodle goals:

  1. Created and implemented a Moodle course,
  2. Have administrated and maintained a Moodle installation for one year or longer,
  3. Is proficient in the use of Moodle activities, resources, and plugins,
  4. Knows how to navigate the Moodle documentation,
  5. Has read all the documentation regarding Moodle Certification,
  6. Has the time and motivation to undergo the Moodle certification process.

The MCCC examination encompasses technology, pedagogy and management skills, with a special focus on the use and customization of blocks and activities. Details on the exam weighting are here.

The latest statistics show the US and Mexico as the countries with more than a hundred MCCC candidates, followed by Spain and Colombia with more than 80.

To find a list of people with MCCC certification visit this database.

A guide for Moodle 2.9.x with an exhaustive set of skills is available in PDF here (Skill sets begin on page 10).

The MCCC by Elearning Experts costs $500 USD and starts August 10th. For details on schedule and payment call 888-928-3848 or email [email protected]

For more general information on MCCC and a list of worldwide partners, visit this page.

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How has your MCCC helped your Moodle career? Share your testimony with us!

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