Lewis Carr On An Impactful Career Through Virtual Learning

Lewis Carr On An Impactful Career Through Virtual Learning

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The personal and professional rewards that come from a career that involves education are many, and widely known by those involved in the field. But some people have the good fortune to realize this early in their professional lives, as unlikely as it sounds, even before graduation.

This is the case of Lewis Carr, renown Moodler and CEO of UK-based, Open Source, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) company AdaptiVLE. He shares some of his career highlights and critical learning in a profile for Moodleroom’s E-Learn Magazine.

In 1998, Carr was a computer graphic design student in West Yorkshire. Passionate for technology, but unaware of its potential in the world’s learning. He completed a BSc in Electronic Imaging, Media Communication and Computer Science from Bradford in 2002. By then Carr’s awareness on the potential of education had risen, but it would take a couple of years more until he met his technological match. Around 2004, a novel LMS by the name of Moodle was picking the attention of webmasters at education institutions in the UK and beyond. By now, he was a learning tech pioneer, something he never took for granted. He would be rewarded in 2013, when he became Blackboard’s solutions engineer for Moodlerooms.

His experiences have made him a Moodle innovator ahead of the curve. Creative and passionate about the future of Moodle. He is probably more aware of the challenges of the LMS regarding engagement than most of us.

«The starting point is getting to know the audience, knowing what it is that students want: if it’s modernity, dynamism, fun. If you want them to be connected, they have to enjoy the tool and WANT to use it

To stay on the crest of the wave, Carr followed a simple rule: study the latest trends, and take risks by following your hunches.

His successful practice, and the good he made for Moodlerooms, gave him the confidence to fly solo. Having accrued 12 years of professional learning experience, Carr founded AdaptiVLE in 2015 with a philosophy of wanting to help any learning initiative, no matter how small. Probably his best skill is his ability to wear a customer shoe on one foot, and one of their students’ on the other.

AdaptiVLE may deserve some credit, not only for increasing Moodle adoption, particularly beyond education institutions. He has made sure his customers realize the flexibility and potential of Moodle. Carr believes there is virtually nothing he cannot do for his clients through Moodle.

«[I]n addition to being surprised at the results, they also take things to another level. They come back to me because they want us to develop other services, such as e-commerce mechanisms and applications. They make the most of it all

Read the full profile on Moodleroom’s E-Learn Magazine, to learn about his vlogging, his view of the future and the things he’s most excited about (hint: they have to do with spreading a message).


moodlerooms-logoThis Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: MoodleRooms the open source learning experience by Blackboard. Rediscover Moodle. Click here to learn more.



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